Why Go Solar ?

September 18, 2016


I have been reading some negative reports lately on going solar. I have come to the conclusion that they are written by people who have not installed solar. Are you paying more for your power than you did in 2005? I am paying $30 a month less than I did in 2005. I have kept […]

Folding a fitted sheet

September 6, 2016


This was a special request from Leggy Peggy on how I fold a fitted sheet.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zea0-SnjAY8&feature=share

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The Time Traveller

August 28, 2016


I went to Scotland to visit my Mum at Xmas 1995. Now I know I have taken long enough to write about it but I was too upset to write about it at the time. I had not seen my Mum for six years since we had her out for a holiday to New Zealand. […]

Fiji Holiday

July 2, 2016


We arrived at Modriki island where The movie Castaway was filmed.

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Jack of all Trades

April 2, 2016


I have had a varied selection of jobs in my life. Lucky I did not have my heart set on a career in any one discipline, as once I was married I had to move and change jobs so often to follow my husbands career it would not have worked very well for me to […]

Paths in Life

March 18, 2016


  My brother Clark and I had a fun childhood in Scotland, getting into mischief together, going to the same school though he was a year ahead of me. Clark left school and joined the Merchant Navy at 15 and half so I didn’t see so much of him for a while. It was my […]

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March 18, 2016


My son Bruce was a decision-maker very early in his life. The week before he was born, the doctor decided he was a full size baby, but was in danger of being a breech birth so she spent half an hour turning him. Bruce didn’t like being upside down and spent at least six hours […]

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