November 19, 2017


New life growing within Brings hopes and dreams. Imagining the future This new person will enjoy. But no, this journey is cut short While just the size of a plum. “A boy” the Doctor says ” better luck next time”. Who knows what could have been his destiny The years go by with milestones passed […]

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Our First Phone

November 4, 2017


It is hard to imagine living without a phone nowadays but I can remember when we got our first phone at home. I think it was 1957, my Dad didn’t want one, extravagance he said. Mum was the one who insisted we had to have one. After all their first child, my brother Billy was […]

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My Family Holiday

September 25, 2017


  I was getting a bit homesick and thought I should really have a trip back to my hometown of Broughty Ferry in Scotland while I was still fit enough to travel. Then I got an invite to a family wedding in Canada which gave me the motivation to go ahead and book my trip […]

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House Sitting Holidays

September 18, 2017


Would you like to travel but the cost of accomodation etc. is putting you off? You should try using the “” website. I was panning a holiday but was not keen on putting my dog Honey in kennels again. She lost weight last time and missed the one on one company as she is very […]

California Here We Come

May 9, 2017


Grannie McGrath had ten children, they all lived in Dundee Scotland. The job situation there was pretty grim so one by one they decided California was the place to go. They did have jobs in Dundee but the future looked brighter and sunnier in the USA. Uncle John went first from the family in 1959, […]

Why Go Solar ?

September 18, 2016


I have been reading some negative reports lately on going solar. I have come to the conclusion that they are written by people who have not installed solar. Are you paying more for your power than you did in 2005? I am paying $30 a month less than I did in 2005. I have kept […]

Folding a fitted sheet

September 6, 2016


This was a special request from Leggy Peggy on how I fold a fitted sheet.

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